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The warren pullet is an orangey brown bird that is seen everywhere.

It is the original hybrid. It is a quiet bird with a lot of good qualities.

Bred to lay like a machine,  
They will lay up to 320 eggs in its first year. 

Warren lays a brown egg. It is a good bird to start with   P O L £14 each

Warren point of lay hens £14 each

These girls have a very inquisitive nature and will certainly keep you entertained with their antics.​

They are ideal hens for first time chicken keepers, especially families with young children, as they are very friendly and easy to tame.

warrens  will quite happily eat from your hand once she gets to know you! They have pretty brown/red feathers with white under-feathers and tails. These girls have a traditional “farmyard chicken” look about them.​​

Warren hybrids are one of our most prolific layers and will provide you with approximately 320-340 fabulous large brown eggs per year.

Warren  Point of lay All 100% sexed hens been vaccinated & in stock all year round.

Warren's are also known as the Goldline. They have the highest rate of egg production and lay 320 large light brown eggs per year.

They are the original brown hen with cream colouring on the ends of their tails. They are very popular and friendly. A perfect first chicken